SHOES ! All kind from stilettos to sneakers. They are way more than a piece of clothe, they are jewelries ! 


  3. Vama Vache means Old border in romanian. This village on the black sea side is a few steps away from bulgaria. It hosts a crowd of young european living, traveling, looking for the best place to party. Amazing atmosphere, music on the beach every night. Nice people both local and foreign. Had an Amazing time. 

  4. Bucharest is such an amazing city. Getting the chance to go there for work was amazing. Loved the architecture both USSR ans Western Europe influenced. The italian and french atmosphere and the people ! 

  5. In summer everything gets better. 

    Barcelona is one of my favorite place in the world. Going there even for a few days helped me a lot last summer. I needed to get better and cheer up.

    Summer 2K14 was awesome there. Familly and friends in such a stunning city. I couldn’t ask for more. 

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    The progress of gangsta love

    The Progress of the Love Pursuit (1773), Jean-Honore Fragonard / Gangsta Lovin’, Eve ft. Alicia Keys



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    Kingdom of sports - Fat can’t hide

    Advertising Agency : Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, Germany

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  10. booba, trop de romantisme.

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